Below is a list of contract vehicles under which customers may obtain Phacil services. The list includes Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ), multiple-agency, Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC), and GSA schedules. If you would like more information on Phacil’s contract vehicles, please contact Lori Fischler, Director of Business Development, at 703-526-1800 or send an email using our contact form.


GSA Alliant Small Business

GSA Alliant SB LogoThe Alliant Small Business (SB) GWAC is designed to provide worldwide IT solutions to federal agencies, while strengthening federal contracting opportunities for small business concerns. Alliant SB provides small businesses opportunities to fairly compete and grow their businesses before moving into unrestricted acquisition environments. Read More> 

Phacil Alliant Brochure

Phacil Alliant Contract Number: GS-06F-0651Z



(GSA 8(a) Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services II)

GSA 8(a) STARS II LogoThe 8(a) STARS II GWAC is engineered to provide cutting-edge technology solutions from award-winning 8(a) small businesses to federal agencies. 8(a) STARS II consists of two constellations (tiers). Constellation I includes firms with competitive pricing and technical proficiency, while Constellation II firms also possess an additional industry credential such as ISO 20000. Read More> 

Phacil 8(a) STARS II Brochure

Phacil 8(a) STARS II Contract Number: GS-06F-1227Z



(U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Software Development & Integration Next Generation)

USPTO SDI-NG LogoUSPTO SDI-NG is an ID/IQ intended for the advancement of USPTO’s existing software development process and the quality of existing systems in support of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) program offices, and OCIO Roadmap Transformation initiatives. The core elements of the contract are: Software Development and Integration, Development Testing, Configuration Management Support, Production Support and Software Maintenance and Transition, and Program Management Support. For more information on USPTO SDI-NG, please email/call Phacil Program Manager, James Siachos, at / 703-387-1072.

Phacil USPTO SDI-NG Contract Number: DOC50PAPT1200011



(Department of Justice Information Technology Support Services 4)

DOJ ITSS-4 LogoThe DOJ ITSS-4 multiple award contract is available for use by the entire Department of Justice and non-DOJ federal agencies on an ID/IQ, task order basis to provide the full range of information technology support services, spanning the entire Systems Development Life-Cycle. The scope for ITSS-4 also includes the potential acquisition of hardware, software, and other equipment and supplies to support client needs that are integral to, or reasonably related to, the proposed solution and purposes of the project. Non-personal support services may be provided anywhere in the United States and its territorial possessions, and occasionally in foreign countries when specific authorization has been provided by the Government. For more information on DOJ ITSS-4, please contact our Director of Business Development (see above).

Phacil DOJ ITSS-4 Brochure

Phacil DOJ ITSS-4 Contract Number: DJJ11-C-2163


FBI IT Triple-S

(Federal Bureau of Investigation Information Technology Supplies and Support Services)

FBI IT-Triple-S LogoFBI IT Triple-S is a multiple-award Basic Ordering Agreement. The contract establishes mechanisms for rapidly providing expertise to FBI and DOJ programs in order to meet priorities and increase competition resulting in cost savings, increased use of small businesses, and enhanced project and program success. IT Services including operations and maintenance, and technical development and supplies are available to users. With no fee, task orders are awarded within a 2-month window. For more information on FBI IT Triple-S, please contact our Director of Business Development (see above).

Phacil FBI IT Triple-S Brochure

Phacil FBI IT Triple-S Contract Number: J-FBI-11-039


U.S. Navy Seaport-e

US Navy Seaport-e LogoNavy SeaPort-e is an ID/IQ multiple-award contract from the U.S. Navy. It provides services solicited by Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Air Systems Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Naval Supply Systems Command, Military Sealift Command, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Strategic Systems Programs, Office of Naval Research, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and the United States Marine Corps. There are 22 functional service areas within the scope of the contracts ranging from research and development, system engineering and process engineering, and modeling and simulation analysis to logistics, program support, public affairs, and multimedia. For more information on SeaPort-e, please contact our Director of Business Development (see above). Read More >

Phacil Seaport-e Contract Number: N00178-08-D-5546



(Federal Aviation Administration Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Tasks Master Ordering Agreement)

FAA eFAST LogoeFAST is the FAA’s preferred acquisition vehicle for fulfilling agency small business goals. It is a multi-year, master ordering agreement that offers a broad range of services consisting of engineering, research and development, information technology, emerging technologies, financial, and management services. This acquisition vehicle allows long term procurements in an expedited, efficient and effective manner to better serve the requirements of the FAA, and on a limited basis, all other federal agencies. For more information on eFAST, please contact our Director of Business Development (see below).

Phacil FAA eFAST MOA Number: DTFAWA10A-00101


GSA MOBIS Schedule 874

GSA MOBIS Schedule 874 LogoThe GSA Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) program is a multiple-award schedule, which offers federal agencies professional support services. Under MOBIS, Phacil has been awarded the opportunity to provide services under two Special Item Numbers (SINs): consulting services (874.1) and acquisition management support (874.6). For more information on MOBIS or these SINs, please visit, or contact our Director of Business Development (see below).

Phacil GSA MOBIS Schedule Number: GS-10F-0238V


GSA IT Schedule 70

GSA IT Schedule 70 LogoThe Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 is a federal supply schedule that is designed to assist federal government agencies with their procurement of IT products, services and solutions. Phacil assists federal agencies with IT Services to include IT facility operation and maintenance, systems development, systems analysis, automated information systems design and integration, programming, backup and security, data conversion, computer aided design / manufacturing (CAD/CAM), network management, and creation/retrieval of IT related automated data services or other information services. For more information on IT Schedule 70, please visit, or contact our Director of Business Development (see below).

Phacil GSA IT Schedule 70 Number: GS-35F-0869R


GSA LOGWORLD Schedule 874V

(GSA Logistics Worldwide)

GSA LOGWORLD 874V LogoGSA LOGWORLD 874 V is a multiple-award schedule that assists federal customers in procuring comprehensive logistics solutions. LOGWORLD is available to all federal agencies. Benefits include simplification of the procurement process, direct customer and contractor relationship, availability of teaming and subcontracts, and the option to establish blanket purchase agreements. Further, with reduced lead times, agencies can save on procurement costs. For more information on LOGWORLD, please contact our Director of Business Development (see below).

Phacil GSA LOGWORLD Schedule 874V Number: GS-10F-0379X


If you would like more information on Phacil’s contract vehicles, please contact Lori Fischler, Director of Business Development, at 703-526-1800 or send an email using our contact form.